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- Brené Brown -


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Adulting can be hard, and life is too precious to waste another moment feeling stuck. Whatever it is that is keeping you stuck or holding you back, you do not have to navigate it alone. Whether you are feeling disconnected within yourself or in your relationships, therapy is one of the most special investments you can make. Whatever your circumstances may be, I am here to help you to begin writing a new chapter of your story that includes increased self-awareness, confidence, empowerment, resilience, and strength.

I am here to be your guide as you find the courage to heal past hurts, process difficult emotions, identify the ways in which certain patterns and beliefs may be hindering your ability to move forward, and help you to create a life for yourself that you love. I will support you as you gain clarity, recognize your strengths, and move forward in your life in a more meaningful way.


Individual therapy can also help you to have healthy and happy relationships, and I welcome including others in therapy sessions, such as significant others or family members, when appropriate. And even if the people that you care about the most aren't quite ready for therapy, individual therapy can be a powerful tool for creating change, even in your relationships, as I believe that when we make small changes in ourselves, our relationships benefit as a result.



Having a loving and fulfilling relationship can be one of the most special parts of life, but there is no denying that creating and maintaining healthy intimacy and lasting love takes work. When life gets busy, we often put other things first and our most special connections can so easily fall through the cracks. It seems so easy to fall in love, but sustaining that special connection takes intentionality, time, and commitment. Those who succeed know they don't have to do that work alone.

One of the things that most don't realize is that we now know so much about what it takes to create a meaningful relationship that lasts. Oftentimes, things get in the way. Whether a lack of positive role models when it comes to what a healthy relationship looks like, a difference in attachment styles or love languages, or things that we carry from our past, our biggest insecurities and fears most often show up in our relationships with the people that we love the most. You do not need to navigate these challenges alone. Hello Jill Therapy is here to be your guide.

My work with couples is grounded in decades of research and is focused on producing lasting change. Based on the research and principles of Gottman Method Therapy, Hello Jill Therapy also uses the Gottman Connect platform to assess a relationship's challenges and strengths, provide specific recommendations, and measure a couple's progress over time.

Whether you are married, thinking about getting married, in a committed relationship, dating, or contemplating separation or divorce, couples therapy can be incredibly beneficial. Taking a more intentional approach and giving your relationship the attention that it deserves is such a wonderful gift. Working with me in couples therapy will give you and your partner a safe space to explore the things in your relationship that may not be working well and to build on the things that are. Together, we will explore the barriers that are keeping you from creating the change that you want and deserve and help you to build a stronger foundation with increased emotional connection, intimacy, respect, affection, trust, and a newfound sense of hope.

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Family means everything. But families are composed of individuals with different views, opinions, and personalities. These differences, along with the daily stressors of everyday life, can sometimes lead to conflict and an overall feeling of disconnection. But it doesn't need to be this way. Although family conflict and stress can result from many life changes or challenges, as a seasoned family therapist, I can help to bring clarity and healing to you and to the people that mean the most.


No matter what the challenges, family therapy can serve as a way for you and your loved ones to voice their concerns in a healthy way. As your family therapist, I will provide a safe and supportive space where your family can share concerns, feel heard, validated, and respected, and move toward solutions and healing. Whatever your family dynamic may be, Hello Jill Therapy is here to lend support and be your guide throughout the process. 





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